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ST Srl - web agency B2B Vicenza
Web Engineering Delivered

ST Srl is a web agency based in Vicenza that supports companies in the process of Digital Transformation. We are specialized in designing, realizing and communicating in the digital world.

  • We develop innovative web, mobile and desktop computing strategies and solutions
  • We realize advanced technologies, making use of the highest programming standards
  • We communicate B2B companies and their values, helping them to achieve their goals

We have turned our passions into our work and each member of the team is highly qualified in its areas of expertise. The knowledge and experience that we have accumulated in B2B in these 10 years allow us to approach projects with a cross-optic, long-term view.

Our working method is based on continuous collaboration with the customer. Only in this way we can achieve high value-added quality projects. We actively collaborate with a network of partners that offer highly qualified services in different industries, that allows us to provide a complete and professional service, able to respond to different project needs.

Dates to remember
Our first 10 years
Year of foundation

ST was born as an innovative startup with ShopTheory, B2C ecommerce embeddable with the copy&paste.

First web marketing project

Realization of an eshop integrated with the warehouse for the worldwide sale of precious stones and jewels.

First web design project

Corporate Identity, Logo Design and creation of the website of a company operating in consulting sector.

The arrival of BQUADRO

Platform for B2B Collaboration, born as ecommerce to meet the sales needs of business companies.

first 10 BQUADRO customers

BQUADRO is used daily in 10 companies to optimize complicated business processes.

First 1,000 BQUADRO users

BQUADRO simplifies and optimizes the work of 1,000 users, automating low value activities.

Acquisition of 2EASY.platform

2EASY.platform (software for the operations management), gets on board.

We love ambitious challenges.

If you have in mind a project that can get you far, we will help you to achieve it.


Lead b2b provided to customers

Number of orders placed on BQUADRO

Euro transacted on BQUADRO
Our commitment to the environment

At ST, we are convinced that even a small but significant contribution to sustainability can make a difference.
We feel responsible towards the community we belong to and we try to reduce our impact on the environment in every activity we undertake.

Since 2021, thanks to the help of Treedom and our partner KVALUE we have brought our corporate forest to life and have planted more than 60 trees in developing countries.

In our small way, we try to make our planet not only a little greener and more sustainable but also create long-term environmental and social benefits, fighting the damage of deforestation and its consequences on climate change.

ST's Treedom Forest
Every tree we plant with Treedom has its own online page where you can follow the story of the project we are part of
Take a walk in our forest