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Agrifondi: Soft Loan for Agriculture

Agrifondi is a consulting company specialized in Agricolture and offers professional consultings to aspiring entrepreneurs that want to start their projects. Agrifondi supports them to find the suitable farms or companies and to obtain the sources of loan.

They love heart, the excellence of food farming and agribusiness and the innovation applied to the agriculture. Their goal is to promote the youth entrepreneurship and the generational change in Agriculture. They thing that the new generations can be the keystone to improve the development of Made In Italy in the world.


I don't know how it can be possibile, but we have to hire a new human resource to manage all leads.

Lorenzo Carlassara


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From marketing plan to social media marketing and online advertising campaigns

The first time we met Lorenzo was during 2015, on March.

He was able to transmit his skills, his values and his love for this job and the awareness that the future was in the hand of young people. He felt obliged to do something to help them and develop their projects.

During the past, he was unsatisfied on web marketing activities. His company was involved in some advertising projects, but widh zero success and zero results.

Our question was: "Why?"

We have analyzed data of the past campaigns. We have found some strong points and some weak ones. So, 7 years ago we have started a project, that includes the writing of the marketing plan and the campaings management (online advertising and social media marketing).

We love ambitious challenges.

If you have in mind a project that can get you far, we will help you to achieve it.