Case Study: Credit Connection


Credit Connection Srl


financial consulting for subsidized loan


Web Desing & Website Development

Credit Connection: we help companies grow and achieve goals

Credit Connection provides companies with specialized consulting in facilitated finance to help them to achieve their goals and growth objectives.

Every day, the company monitors the main kinds of facilitated finance and informs customers and network about the available funds.


This website allows us to post useful contents for our customers and it has become an important part of our daily activities.

Matteo Inglese, facilitated finance consultant at Credit Connection


Years of collaboration in our network


Projects during years


Resources dedicated to the webiste
Graphic and functional resyling, that has trasformed the website in a daily tool

This is one of the many projects that we have developed with Credit Connection. For us, this company is a customer, but also a member of our network.

Among all, we have selected this project because it has allowed company to have a tool that help to communicate with all its interlocutors constantly, who can remain informed and have a sigle reference in the field of facilitated finance.

Matteo, Michele and all team have encouraged our ideas, with a critical and productive comparison. With this approach, we was able to make the most.

We love ambitious challenges.

If you have in mind a project that can get you far, we will help you to achieve it.