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producer of hobs for cooking


Web Desing & Website Develoopment

KOSMO: producer of operational and excellent cooking hobs

KOSMO is a company founded in 1997. It produces and offers a wide range of cooking hobs: gas, electric, induction or mixed, with high performances and practical safety programmes, able to optimise consumption.

Every cooking hob is developed with innovation, high technology and Italian style. The excellence of the design is applied to the lean production system and an innovative process of Research and Development. The result is a cooking hob that combines all elements of Made In Italy and the company can be positioned as an international leader.


This project has allowed us to enhance and to give an online identity to our products, that did not exist before.

Leila Bordin, Administrative Director at KOSMO


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Ranges of products with an online identity


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From the logo restyle to the website develpoment and the definition of digital communication

When we met KOSMO for the firt time, we discovered a very organized company, with a strong focus on Research and Development of innovative products.

The offline communication was well-defined and deep-seated. Our task was to give an online identity and enhance all aspects of the cooking hobs.

We found competent partners, who were open to our ideas. This aspect allowed us to experiment and propose solutions that have been analyzed in detail.

The first step was to enhance the expertise of KOSMO. With the occasion of celebrating 20 years of activity, we started a project for the logo restyle, with the aim of enhance it.

In the same time, we developed the news website of KOSMO. We have organized all content to enhance alla ranges of cooking hobs. The company has approved our proposal to make a photoshoot on the spot. With Leila and her team we started a project that was able to put in the center the cooking hobs and to position them in an international context online.

We love ambitious challenges.

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