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Greendocks: network specialised in logistic solutions and manufacturing facilities

Greendocks is a network of companies with a thirty-year experience, specialised in the development of custom-made logistics solutions and manufacturing facilities.

It has 120 international customers, 480.000 smq of new real estate developments and € 350 millions of real estate investments in this sector. Greendocks is a very important player for the Italian and global market.


This website allows us to publish our properties and give a complete overview of our solutions to our visitors.

The Customer


Layout custom


Experts involved in the project


Years of collaboration with this network
Functional website development with a strong User Experience

This is one of many projects that we have undertaken on with this network, over the last ten years.

The last one has been Greendocks. This project has allowed our customer to develop a functional website, that can be able to guarantee a high level of UX, equal to that of the most popular website of the sector.

The main goal has been to help visitors to consult all available solutions and to use a new graphic design.

For this reason, we have collaborated with a web designer to develop a website that can totally represent this brand and can satisfy every request of our customer.

We love ambitious challenges.

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